We are hosting a series of A to Brexit webinar. These will be led by experts from the RHA and leading industry law firm Backhouse Jones. You will have the opportunity to put questions to our panel throughout the webinar.

We will cover:

  • How a no-deal Brexit may affect the UK haulage industry.
  • New customs processes which may come into effect.
  • The responsibilities for traders and hauliers in compliance.
  • Licensing changes and new requirements after Brexit.
  • The changes that may impact driver documentation after Brexit.
  • How Brexit may affect your insurance.

Key learning:

  • The new paperwork expected to be required after Brexit.
  • How your procedures may need to change to be compliant after Brexit.
  • How what you require from clients may change after Brexit.
  • How Brexit affects your licensing requirements and how you can remain compliant.
  • What documents your drivers may be required to carry.

Live broadcasting dates:

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